An artist is a creator of artwork

Artwork displayed with the permission of the artist.


An artist is someone who wants to develop artwork and increase their sales opportunities.

An artist is the opposite of a developer.

Yvette Dubel says:

You have the opportunity to be a founding member one who is helping to create Comfusion like the founding fathers of a country I guess.


Artists own the artwork they display in their artist portfolios.

On the artist or organization side it operates as a portal that provides a place for even free users to promote their websites, artist portfolio, show openings, etc in a place that will actually get highly motivated traffic. Artists who are members can also utilize the social networking approach to be gain access to "artist for hire" opportunities to participate in Cultural Fusion or sponsoring. Essentially a bit like this AEN only more customer-centric.

Then members have the option to upgrade to get additional features and access, while advertisers are offered sponsorship perks as an incentive to offer free products/audio/workshops, participate in the community and support partner causes like MFC using affiliate program or artwork as a direct fundraiser.


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