What does it mean to be alone?

As a metaphore, consider the ocean where a certain formation of the total amount of water, with millions of waves, to be one individual expression called humanity. From the perspective of the whole, the ocean, each drop of water can only be at one place. If a drop is in a certain wave then concurrently this drop can not be in the next wave.

Also, if a drop of water from somewhere deep down below the surface, miraculously would "quantum leap" to the top of a wave at the surface, then there could not be a hole left at this place deep down below ; it would necessarily follow that ALL other drops are affected. There would perhaps be negotiation about "who should jump in to fill the gap" ; ultimately the whole ocean is affected, locally perhaps more than at far distance.

One act from one individual drop of water, creates a new expression of the ocean.


One act, by one individual human being, creates a new humanity.

Consider how many people there are, how many acts per second ; each change in attention is an act ; and then see the speed at which humanity changes.

When you look into a candle flame, you begin to understand that there is no flame, that there is only this continuous pulse of new actions. Only from a distance, only from the outside, do we perceive this continuous pulse as a flame.

From the drop of water's perspective, there is no ocean. There is only this drop and that drop. In between there is a border, a contrast, a dialogue between what is this drop and what is not this drop.

How can a drop of water not be alone? It must have this perspective of this drop and that drop.

When a drop of water sees no other drops, it is the ocean.
When you feel alone it is because there is nothing outside you, nothing that is not you.
And so all that is left... is you.

Alone is who you ARE

From the perspective of the whole, the heart, alone feels like infinite love. It is life - something that can be felt.
From the perspective of the part, the mind, alone is existential fear. It is the absence of life (*) - without the other part, no movement is possible.

(*) death, on the other hand, is not the opposite of life, it is the opposite of birth