Awareness is the result of attention usage by the mind. Consider reality the produce of awareness. Consider awareness to be a reporter, never creating reality but always reporting it.

Reasons why awareness is always late on what is really going on

  1. The 0.3 second time lag between intention and awareness.
    From Wikipedia: That is to say, researchers recorded mounting brain activity related to the resultant action as many as three hundred milliseconds before subjects reported the first awareness of conscious will to act. In other words, apparently conscious decisions to act were preceded by an unconscious buildup of electrical charge within the brain - this buildup came to be called Bereitschaftspotential or readiness potential.
  2. The more beliefs one has, the more time is need to interpret the sensory signals.

How to address these reasons

  1. The old tai chi master feels the movement that the student is making, even before the student himself is aware of this movement.
  2. To clean up one's belief system is to free up previously fixed attention. I call this "becoming an honest, or transparent, person".