Alternative to Business:Competition

"The art of dialogue is the ugly duck looking in the pond, seeing its mirror image. The art of unknowing is the ugly duck, asking itself if being different means being less equal. So where do we go from here? What is normal? What is frustration? And how can art help to build the bridge to a future, where each person is acknowledged for their uniqueness, and radically included in this one whole that is incomplete without the last person at their own unique place. "

Guidance in developing USP:
* when you combine these ingredients it is the answer to the pains: artists commonly struggle to balance the need to remain connected to the experiences that inspire with the need to support themselves. The result is often the starving artist.
 * [Business]es/[Organization]s need methods of promotion that will get attention on your SoulFood:Offering or needs
 * [Business]es/[Organization]s need to build [Source:Interest] and [Love:Trust] that will get them [Attention] and Business:Sponsorship opportunities or Project:Sponsors that build [Source:Relationship]s to increase sales/support.

Attention is on difference that creates contrast so that everyone can find their place.
contrast is made clear by understanding [Attention:Self_Value|self value] and [Attention:Conflict]. After you see what makes you/your [SoulFood:Offering] unique then [Source:Convergence] [Attention:CrossOver] and Source:Connection can guide the way in developing strategic [Ambiguous:Relationship|alliances] and discovering win/win Business:Opportunities. See also Individuation at Wikipedia: [|Individuation] comprises the processes whereby the undifferentiated tends to become individual, or to those processes through which differentiated components tend toward becoming a more indivisible whole. In economics, individuation parallels specialization and increases the efficiency of the division of labor. It serves as a means for individuals to find comparative advantage in the marketplace.