SoulFood as Context

Ron reminded me of something quite significant about resistance as I was working on a personal essay about Cultural Fusion as an endeavor to explore "Feminist Art Inquiry".

What Is Peace? as connection

What he reminded me of is this, that resistance is the fuel for change. For example, by resisting the status quo of the day the Civil Rights Movement was able to encourage change within the system it was resisting.

Resistance is never alone. Resistance can not exist without the resistance to the resistance. When you pay attention to resistance, when you really admire the person and their resistance (creation) they can no longer hold. It is just impossible.

So this means that, because it responds to attention, resistance must contain at least some love. Some attention experts believe resistance is ONLY love.

Resistance in electricity is what regular people call a light bulb. It is the usage, or rather, the transformation, of energy into light and heat. Heat is considered a by-product.

In the energy circuit that is attention and love, there is also light and heat. Anger is hot, and the energy that is generated by conflict is the by-product.

Resistance in medical terms is what doctors like to see in a patient. The patient who has resistance is strong and capable of curing.

Resistance is the context of any idea.

So never forget that resistance is useful at all times. It just depends on whether you wish to see it. If not, you resist the resistance - see the first remark on resistance.