Transforming Conflict into contrast

Change Management, a narrow view in the context of business (click to open video)

Community Change Management, broadly viewing business as part of community (click to open video)

Mental model for innovation

"Typically the maverick archetype is explored using only male examples and most companies talking about maverick brands focus on traditional corporations using patriarchal mental models of control and competition. Here interest is on exploring this as part of a feminine concept of the maverick and hero archetypes."

               From: Becoming a Maverick Hero in 7 Moves (Y. Dubel)


Business Solutions:

Inspiration led to development of suite of services including Consulting, Trainings, and Packaged Solutions.

Maverick Hero Mastery Series

Expressed in the Art*umentary Series

Maverick Hero Mastery Series, we’re going to apply this contrast and collaboration take on the maverick archetype as part of brand identity and holistic strategic approach.

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 Innovation Ambition

Research Projects:

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Use Art:Work to develop a new model of the SIB that I wrote about in my Community Change Management blog.


Promotional Products and Sponsorships play key roles in project solutions, in addition to providing revenue to support community programs and individual scholarships.


Context magazine Summer 2012


One of the biggest questions it will answer is why Attention Quality is important if brand longevity matters to you.

Why Inspired Business Solutions:

 "At the end of your life, who will remember your business brand?

When you pause to imagine a future where archeologists are searching through artifacts from the decade ahead, do they find anything about you or your brand?


What is the legacy that you are creating with the work to which most of your time and attention is devoted?


These are the kind of questions that inspired me as an artist, to do this work. But for many years as a community development and enterprise consultant I was unhappy with the way my passion, my values and my business goals had fallen out of alignment.


Like many of you I felt called to use my work to do more. Something that spurred me along to that one day – today, was that in modern art a good deal of attention goes into work demonizing brands perceived as evil. Award winning ad campaigns ring empty and are quickly forgotten, but millions are spent on them. The abundance and quantity of attention going to work that in too many cases failed to capture the substance, rather than just the stuff, of our lifetime was certainly shaping the cultural legacy of modern art.


This became the focus of my artist practice. I have combined that passion with my talent for strategic planning, innovation, and my understanding of both relationships and meaningfulness in marketing. "