In the game of Business, all three bilocalities of Creator and Consumer can occur.

The Source Artist charges the Attention:What
The Creator charges the Attention:How
Together they form a Bilocality

Creator is the parent and Consumer is the child

Parent: "Have a taste of this candy, it is delicious!"
Child : "Do you think i will like it?"
Parent: "I trust you."

Here the Creator offers Free products and services, this is called sampling. Or the Creator offers a 100% guarantee "or your money back".

The Currency (energy) offered by the parent is Attention in the form of Trust. The Currency returned by the child is Love in the form of Money and/or Customer loyalty.

Creator is the child and Consumer is the parent

Parent: "Show me your talents, then i will praise you."
Child : "Please look at me?"

Here the Consumer is the prospect, the Creator is the consultant, and the meeting starts with "How would you solve our problems?". The meeting ends with "Thank you so much for giving us all the information for free. We will contact you if we need more free information." This meeting can also be in the form of a business proposition.

The Currency (energy) offered by the parent is Attention. The Currency returned by the child is Love in the form of free Value (knowledge).

Basically this is not a Business game, but an Education game in the context of a Business setting.

Both Creator and Consumer are adult

Adult#1: "I need a new washing machine. Do you sell them?"
Adult#2: "I sell washing machines. Do you need one?"

Here both Creator and Consumer are exchanging Attention and Love on an equal basis. There are two transactions. First one is Attention only, where the Consumer's Need is met with the Creator's Resources. This is the selling part, where selling means "guiding the customer to their own decision" Second transaction follows the first one, and is Love only. The exchange of the Currency (energy) is involved in the transaction itself, so this would be typically a Money only transaction.