Sadistic Ophelia

Artist Statement from Yvette: collaborative installation series rooted in performance art amplified by social media and SaaS (software as a service) is transformed into software art in the context of the meaning that only art as philosophy can provide. Each contributor shares an interest in social justice as a personal/community stepping stone to hope for peace. By taking responsibility for our anger we support creative expression over violence and pursuits of external power or domination over others. The need for Radical Inclusion is necessary but how to accomplish it is a charge that is taken to heart. We pay more attention to who wants to be part of solutions instead of what is different about one person or another.

Kerry and Stu are part of the core team to develop this character for several entertainment products and events. Kerry's is the location for growing this project.

Sadistic Ophelia is an artwork resulting from a specific project making it a kind of SoulFood


Sadistic Ophelia is an emerging Immortal Ego resulting from the Scarybirds collaboration with Yvette_Dubel for Cultural_Fusion to produce an artwork with Stu Smith the artist and brokered by Kerry Santo. Scroll down to see the Fifth and Final Version of Sadistic Ophelia, the Duchess of Dark Loveliness 


Sadistic Ophelia, the Duchess of Dark Loveliness creates a playground with Immortal_Ego:DaughterOfHell to explore the idea of commitment.


From my reply post at Urth.TV "For me the immortal egos experiment is about embracing the shadow as part of the self, the truth. And then finding the gifts it has to offer because it can be applied to our mission, it can make us stronger as we commit ourselves to positive change." Here's her story Becoming Sadistic Ophelia,The Making of a Sadist And this post from the same site: *DOH posted:* Re:What is a "Higher Consciousness" - 2006/07/29 15:28 "I would like to share an experience I had when I attended an open space meeting that was to help set up a foundation to make the world a better place, it was a few years ago. They talked a lot about helping others and the facilitator mentioned that he would like to think that if someone was in crisis that the group would help them out. Well after two days the meeting ended and I ended up missing my train from London back to Edinburgh, none of them wanted to help me apart from one person, they wouldnt even give me any eye contact and would have actually seen me sleeping in the train station. And all they talked about was consciousness and spirituality and stuff like that, I found that quite bizarre as they didnt even recognise when a person who had spent the last two days with them was in crisis, I didnt mind getting ignored or dismissed with my ideas whilst I was there as I know I can be a little scary (well quite a lot when I get going) it just left me feeling really cold about the whole spirtuality/consciousness arena and the people in it. Its just felt really quite fake and plastic since then as I found people to be quite judgemental and blinkered to the bigger picture." *My replies-* Re:What is a "Higher Consciousness" - 2006/07/29 19:28 "i really appreciate that you've been so willing to share your experience. As you know it echoes what i saw in my work in community development. The system is broken and i don't know how to fix it. Yet i do think we have the skills and passion to create alternatives that promote creative solution, personal empowerment and group commitment to sustainable economic and community development that is based on radical inclusion INSTEAD of exclusion. Sustainable development means building strategies that recognize everyone's needs and that includes the need to be heard and seen for who you are AND then respected on that why is tolerence of corruption, even profiting from it....lack of integrity...the superficial and dishonest held up for reverence? Yes, everyone has the right to look the other way to ignore the blighted evidence of suffering because it doesn't match the drapes...but at least one must also be willing to call that what it is and look yourself squarely in the eye and OWN THAT TRUTH...." A different topic post at the same site "Ok so is this the place to explore how our project coincides with the values expressed by the mission of this place? Raising of consciousness is not about denial but seeing the truth and either doing what is required to change it or learning to live with it." Immortal_Egos and Organization:Scarybirds is about finding the gifts in the shadow side because often I think that is where we first find our strength or anger or despair. It is a turning point in ones life when we develop the character, the courage to stand up for what is right and transcend the anger. To address the problems without the precepts of war and [Attention.Conflict]. This starts with seeing how what exist "out there" is real because of what exist "in here". That is the truth that my Immortal_Ego gives me the freedom to explore. I feel I must confront it and accept it as part of the package that is me BEFORE I can transform and become a better me." 

The Event(s)

Still to be finalized is the Event:Exhibition of the Immortal_Egos celebrating the release of the limited edition signed prints series, the party/concert series, and the launch of the Cultural Exchange Program anchored in Master Art classes taught by Humanity:Stu_Smith and Humanity:Irena_Gapkovska

The Game

The Source:Collaboration is an endeavor to create a destination around the concept of Scarybirds. Amazon type women where (from Wikipedia) Amazons are: In Greek mythology, the Amazons (????????) were either an ancient legendary nation of female warriors or a land dominated by women at the outer edges of their known world. The legends appear to have a nugget of factual basis in warrior women among the Scythians, but classical Greeks never ceased to be astounded at such role-reversals. Women in classical Greek society were expected to be passive and dependent on males. In early modern usage, the word is often used to refer to strong and independent women. Only as Organization:Scarybirds we will seek to expand the understanding of what an independent woman to be inclusive rather than the basis of dividing women, aka single women from married women, working moms and stay home moms, straight from gay...this is a movement about unity between us all, including men. We will embrace people with true hearts as part of our tribe of Scarybirds and explore how together we can play to improve the lives of others, as we strive to meet our own goals. We will explore the power of being who we are and discovering the gifts hidden within our so called "flaws" and the secret to transforming them to tools for healing and empowerment. A playground where fiction and real life, light and dark meet to realize the transformation into Immortal_Egos as we strive to create a better world for all, especially those that feel they have been forgotten. The first area to be created is the 3D-gaming type Art:Gallery featuring the Immortal_Ego posters.

Gallery Connection

The Gallery is being created by MellaniuM_Designs and will provide a completely new venue and approach to marketing artwork online. Entering gives visitors the chance to literally enter another world create for the sole purpose of displaying art in a virtual reality. This means viewers can walk around the objects or closely investigate 2D and 3D Art:Work as you fly or walk this virtual space. A great virtual annex for an actual Gallery, online or off, and a unique way for artist to have their work promoted and displayed online allowing both to drive sales increases! Plan Follows Below


By day Sadistic Ophelia is a relationship marketing consultant for nonprofit organizations and social enterprises that serve those in need, especially women and children. As part the League of Scarybirds she offers an introduction to the Immortal_Egos. In the context of this Source:Collaboration she consults with Immortal_Ego:DaughterOfHell to market the Immortal Ego products (with movies and more in pre-production). Her story has been developed and will be posted here at the league of Scarybirds and later developed into an animation.

The Cunning Plan (Brainstorming Sessions)

From post at Urth.TV So the concept we played with over the weekend was creating a Scarybird culture for your Scarybirds World with your Immortal Ego system. i won't go off the tangent completely, but note for future post: this idea of tension to create a solid virtual world based loosely on the idea of gravitational fields that cause masses to orbit and create planets in solar systems accept here applied to virtual masses(websites) that are linked together to create solar systems with orbiting planets because that is the precurser to construction. Back to Scarybird culture...i like the idea of tarting it up, which is what Stu does to these female characters in a way that isn't designed to entice men...i guess it's a celebration of boob power (?) Anyway, the idea i had was the concept of a culture shaped by Amazon-type women warriors (who fight for justice, protect the young/elderly/each other, as well as defending those in need) to create series of online events based on the Scarybirds Guide to Womanhood and getting other SB members to join in the fun. Perhaps we could look at turning the discussion into an ebook to raise funds for The Millenium Campaign or Amnesty International? The focus of the discussions being what women can do to support each other and those in need that we don't yet know. We start the project off by inviting people to share and explore life lessons, and the ways you've found to pay it forward. How can the existing boards be revamped to support his concept? Do you want to do a blog that can tie into a discussion forum? What do you think of connecting this to the ideas we had about creating membership levels....everyone can read this new content area, but only _ members can posts? Then we explore we explore who responds to the posters within the Art Gallery Gaming experience and how to best engage them. i'm think we can just start with the other relationship building activities to develop a special contact list of folks to invite to the Opening Reception and a discounted offer for them to have their artwork added to your gallery or to have one of their own designed. i think this would be a great idea for an existing gallery to extend their space and engage their visitors inhouse and online. Oh, and i think i see a ICT research project opportunity to link those processes we discussed to provide a more seamless experience for this kind of application. i'll take this to Organization:iFOSSF as this definitely fits with current focus if we let it benefit FOSS (free open source software) movement and strategies for bridging the digital divide for the disadvantaged. What i mean there is that can be a strategy for covering the development cost for improved versions. As part of the above startegy we'll explore: Soul Sistas Chat as monthly events to support the Scarybirds Network as a benefit of ___ SB members.