This is the context called project.
A project is the context for a collaboration

Project creation (analogue flow = female view)

A project is a creation following a recipe with two apparently opposite flows of energy:
One is the Source flow, the need to express yourself. This is fluid love materializing into the project's outcome: the artwork.
And one is the Attention flow, the other person creating the Space for you to express yourself.
The two flows of energy are in reality two perspectives on one and the same energy. Ron calls this phenomenon bilocality.
Methods used in Comfusion: dialogue, collaboration.

Project creation (discrete steps = male view)

  1. Meal: There is a question that is the source of the need to express yourself.
  2. Ingredients: There is a context of the question. See for example Herstory_History.
  3. the collaboration between the artist, the customer and the sponsor

Result is the outcome, the artwork. This could as well be a deal, or a digital artpiece, an event, and so on.  

List of projects

  1. CF-GoGameRoom
  2. Fusion_Installatie_Genesis
  3. Global_Conference_Center
  4. Hotel_Infinity
  5. Immortal_Ego:Sadistic_Ophelia
  6. Project:Attention_IS_a_Product
  7. Project:AttentionDialogueCF
  8. Project:Oci_Novosti
  9. Project:stek-jes
  10. Project:what-is-peace
  11. Framed Installation
  12. CF-Game Installation
  13. Ocean Wall Installation
  14. Automated Service- May I help you?
  15. Alternative to annual reporting
  16. Breathing fountain Installation