A space is the physical or virtual context for a recipe or project, just as a meal is the context for a specific dish.

In terms of SoulFood, a space is an empty building, somewhat neutral. A space can be the context for a Theme or Intention.

The borders of a space are defined in terms of attention. That which has our attention is within the space, while that which has not our attention is outside.

The function of Want_Fusion is exactly this, that borders are in no way fixed. Our attention may be directed, either internally or externally. And that in itself changes the borders of a space.

The borders of a space are the contrast between needs and resources.
Therefore a space is a result.

List of spaces

  • Artist:Portfolio
  • Center
  • CF-GoGameRoom
  • Comfusion
  • Community_Area
  • Good_News_Room
  • Hotel_Infinity
  • Hotel_Infinity:Lobby
  • Hotel_Infinity:Room
  • Portfolio
  • Project:Gallery