Acceptance is to let go of all hope for a better past.

SoulFood Perspective is the basis for Games of Acceptance


"Acceptance does not require that change is possible or even conceivable, nor does it require that the situation be desired or approved by those accepting it. Indeed, acceptance is often suggested when a situation is both disliked and unchangeable, or when change may be possible only at great cost or risk. Acceptance may imply only a lack of outward, behavioral attempts at possible change, but the word is also used more specifically for a felt or hypothesized cognitive or emotional state. Thus someone may decide to take no action against a situation and yet be said to have not accepted it."

See stages of grief

In GamePlay:

In the Cultural Fusion Series and SoulFood:Cuisine:

Acceptance is the

PAUSE....breathing cycle(s)

Before the next move is made.

SoulFood perspective are Games of Acceptance: The Cultural Fusion series yields CRM strategies that create context for games to engage and nourish, so that a bridge exist to sustain connections to solutions. Then it is no longer necessary to want people to change or long for global social responsibility because we are participating in the remedies.

They provide a context for the Attention Economy to be experienced by many in a way that moves many into automated global social responsibility. The contents and ingredients of each dish or meal will help by offering among its menu remedies that support individuals in grieving aspects of the old as part of a transformation that grows from understanding the value of contrast instead of conflict...acceptance rather than denial which creates frustration.

While each dish or meal is a solution for a specific need there is a general theme to each cuisine.

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If attention is the price we pay for love, then the SoulFood Tradition paradigm is a way infusing both love and attention into commerce by focusing on the place where they converge. The relationships that add value to a transaction via CRM strategy.
Project:Oci_Novosti is a menu of dishes and meals available based on our existing recipes. It is the antiphon to specific types of hunger related to the bilocalities we've been discussing:


These bilocalities are then related to the acceptance stage of grief.