Some of the most memorable songs from my childhood are jingles. I learned to spell Bologna from Oscar Mayer commercial jingle and recall singing the song quietly during a spelling test at around seven years old. Regardless of how you felt about the product, a good jingle could make a commercial a musical treat. The same was true of good theme songs from the television of those days. I'd actually tune in, at least in part, to sing along with the song when the show started. The best ones, like the theme song from the Jefferson's or Welcome Back Kotter explained the show's story concept and again regardless of whether or not I loved the show, I still remember and appreciate the songs.

And this became the inspiration for coming up with a WebAntiphon jingle. Without a doubt there is a place of genuine appreciation for the art of jingle writing, this is part tribute and part experiment. The whole thing was created via online collaborations and using digital enhancements to turn an acoustic solo into something that sounds considerably fuller.
Starting with the concept of doing a parody - it was the feeling of the song "Run Around" by Blues Travels that expressed the humor I was aiming for, but the story was inspired by a Conversation in Context in the new issue of Context magazine.